Chromium team has already listed software, and offered fixes for the software that crash or causes stability issues for Chrome, to stabilize their browser, Google has added about:conflicts page (chrome://conflicts) to Canary build (update: now available on the stable version of Chrome), which detects and shows conflicted software installed on your Computer and shows options to fix them.

Chrome conflicts page

Note: This post has been updated on Feb 7, 2016.

About:conflicts page described as “ This feature is intended to provide the user with a good overview of what 3rd party DLLs get loaded into their Chrome installation and to call out suspected and know bad DLLs.  Hopefully this lead to increased awareness of the adverse effect that 3rd party DLLs can have on the stability of Google Chrome and making troubleshooting easier. In turn, this should have a positive effect on Google Chrome stability.”

If you’re using Google Chrome,  type about:conflicts or visit Chrome://conflicts page to let Chrome to show suspected and bad 3rd party DLLs that effect the stability of browser which leads to crash.