Few days back AVG 2011 update (3292) on Windows 7  64-bit systems effected crash and BSOD for entire free and pair products users of AVG 2011, that’s a terrible situation to left with unbootable PC where system protecting antivirus causing the crash. If you are using AVG 2011 on Windows 7  64-bit and recent update made your PC unbootable, then you can use  updated AVG 2011 rescue CD to fix the problem.

1. Download modified version of AVG Rescue CD after recent AVG 2011 update 3292 to fix this problem.

2. Download AVG 2011 Rescue CD ISO image or Zip archive for Bootable USB creation.

Check this FAQ for more details.

This AVG 2011 Rescue CD and modified version of AVG 2011 Rescue CD both are same, you can use this CD to fix unbootable PCs  as usual irrespective of 3292 update.

AVG 2011 Rescue CD ISO image (18 MB)

AVG 2011 Rescue CD for USB stick (146 MB)