The popular Adblock Plus,  Firefox add-on recently achieved 100 millions downloads landmark is now available for Google Chrome.  ABP developer Wladimir Palant first denied to develop ABP for Chrome on the request from Chrome users, but recently he changed his mind and instead of starting Adblock Plus for Google Chrome from scratch he has taken AdThwart from its developer Tom Joseph who had not much time in continuing development of AdThwart. What this mean is if you’ve installed AdThwart you’ll be automatically upgraded to Adblock Plus For Chrome.

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome

There are limitations for Chrome extension system, so Adblock Plus for Chrome won’t be same as that of Adblock Plus for Firefox.

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome is still in beta, you can still expect most polished version of the Adblock Plus for Chrome soon.

Here are the changes in initial beta of Adblock Plus for Google Chrome

  • First release under new name and with Adblock Plus branding.
  • Updated code that is shared with Adblock Plus for Firefox.
  • Updated list of suggested filter subscriptions.
  • XHTML documents are now being processed correctly.
  • Date/time display (time of last update) now considers date format selected in the user’s operating system.
  • A bunch of inconsistencies fixed.

Install Adblock Plus for Google  Chrome