Inspired from popular social site Mashable, lot of blogs placing widgets from Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Facebook likes and share buttons.  These widgets or third party content served from sites such as Facebook, twitter and others can hurt user experience badly, pages load very slowly.  Annoyed visitor can leave the site, due to this. What’s the solution?  WidgetBlock extension for Chrome automatically blocks these widgets or third party contents from most of social sites such as Facebook and twitter.

WidgetBlock disables 3rd party widgets from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Disqus etc..  This extension works much similar to Adblock extension by preventing them being requested from servers.

WidgetBlock Chrome extension block all content from social sites

WidgetBlock disables loading of these annoying widgets on these sites, which makes pages to load faster. This is an excellent and productive extension for daily web surfers.

WidgetBlock Chrome extension