Yesterday We’ve covered Firefox 4 Beta 7 release , this release adds  JagerMonkey just-in-time JavaScript compiler, adds more support for accelerated 3d graphics as well as hardware acceleration for Windows XP  and Mac OS X and enables 3D capabilities without need for any plug-ins with WebGL

What’s new in Firefox 4 Beta 7

  • Boosting JavaScript performance with JagerMonkey,JagerMonkey is invisible  but powerful addition to Firefox 4 beta. Mozilla claims this beta is really fast, users can observe faster start-up-time,improved page load and performance of web apps and games.
  • This beta brings hardware graphics to final rendering of a website.
  • Bringing 3D graphics to Firefox with WebGL.
  • Support to Exquisite fonts with OpenType.
  • Improved HTML5 forms.

Download Firefox 4 Beta 7