Web of Trust  is safe browsing tool which shows safety ratings for websites much like traffic lights rating systems easier to understand for any user, Webutation is similar kind of service like WOT shows any website reputation and safety information.

Webutation shows green/yellow/red colored icon with score for a particular website much similar to WOT. Clicking that icon will show reputation and safety information about that website on Webutation website.

Webutation shows safety information and reputation for websites

How Webutation works

1.Webutation scans websites against spyware,spam and scams with smart scanning technology in real-time.

2.Webutation queries

  • Google Safebrowsing against badware and phishing fraud
  • Websites antivirus which scans websites for viruses,malware.
  • WOT shows safety ratings for websites with reviews and ratings submitted by millions of WOT community members.
  • As well as any other website feedback resources.

WOT  Vs. Webutation

When compared to WOT,  Webutation does not show ratings in search results, emails, and it does not alert users when accidentally visits a low reputation site, as WOT shows big warning and alerts users to navigate away from that page.

Webutation add-on for Chrome and Firefox are available.