Sorry for covering too much stuff on Chrome, We have covered VirusTotal’s’ VTZilla Firefox add-on which allows to scan file downloads and links, VirusTotal today released Chrome extension for their service VTchromizer allows to scan links from right click menu in Google Chrome with VirusTotal’s web application.

VirusTotal Chrome extension VTchromizer

Unlike VTZilla, VTchromizer doesn’t scan user’s downloaded files before storing to user’s Computer.

With VTchromizer you can able to scan links in your email accounts for messages received from unknown persons, this way you can easily avoid phishing.Right click on the link in email message and click Scan with VirusTotal.VirusTotal will scan the suspicious link and shows the report in new tab.

VTchromizer VirusTotal Chrome extension

You can view the downloaded file analysis for that link from VirusTotal’s site by clicking “view download file analysis”.You can also able to query VirusTotal’s  database for particular URL/file reports  from the the search box shown by VTchromizer ‘s toolbar popup.