From Chrome 5 onwards Google added support for desktop notifications for extensions. These notifications shown by extensions can be useful, at times they turned out to be distracting and annoying. There are popular Chrome extensions  shows desktop notifications like Chromed Bird, Gmail checker plus and others. Let us see how we can turn off desktop notifications from these extensions.

desktop notifications from Chromed Bird Chrome extension

Turning off desktop notifications from Chrome Extensions 

This is not something related to where extension’s main feature is to show desktop notification when something important had happened like showing a popup that new message has arrived in inbox like Gmail Notifier extension does.

Instead this is something where extension uses browser actions and sometime shows desktop notifications. For example Chromed Bird extension does show notifications by default for Lists , DMS, Mentions.

These notifications pops up outside browser window and can be distractive. You can uncheck Chromed Bird to not to show them from “Notifications” in “Options”. Similarly for every Chrome extension that shows desktop notifications there will be option to disable them.