Be aware of spam bots they always collects publicly visible email addresses on blogs, forums, websites and on social networking and sent lot of spam to your inbox. To avoid them you can use Email icon generator show email address as images on websites, or you can use type of services to share your email addresses as shortened links on social networking sites. In another way you can use Email Obscurer free portable application to turn your email address into codes which will be useless for spammers and still be showed as proper email address on web pages when you click them.

Email Obscurer

Download and install Email Obscurer, run it.

1.Enter your email address and text to be displayed  on the page like  “Email us “

2. Click “TRANSLATE“ button, translated text appears in codes.

3. Copy text to clipboard by clicking  “Copy to Clipboard”  and copied text is ready for pasting into html wherever you want link to appear.

Email Obscurer is freeware and portable no installation is required.

Email Obscurer