YouTube launched an experimental search feature  YouTube Topics on Search which allows to search for topics you clearly have no idea,even if you enter funny query still with this experiment feature you can able to explore various set of videos .

YouTube says “ we try to identify topics on YouTube and associate videos with them.we use many different sources to find these topics,  including frequently used uploader keywords ,common search queries, playlist names and even  sources outside of YouTube such as Wikipedia articles”.

golden topic in YouTube Topics on Search

How to Try YouTube Topics on Search feature

1.Go to TestTube and click try it out link for YouTube Topics On Search

2.Once you opt-in try to find “golden topics “ by trying following keywords in search box.

  • Camera Tricks
  • "Whoa man. Whoa. Whoa! Oh my God! Oh my God! Woohoo! Oh wow!" What did this person just see?
  • They’ve boogied to Beyonce, Brazilian samba and Sugar Hill Gang. Who are  they?

You can leave the experiment by clicking “Turn off” link next to ‘YouTube Topics Experiment”.