Though we carefully uncheck installation of toolbars during apps install, somehow they still be installed in our computers and very hard to remove. These toolbars (Google Toolbar is an exception), bundled with free apps such as PDF Readers and cleaning tools changes user browser’s homepage and default search engines can’t forgive them, here are collection of free toolbars removal tools which may come in handy to remove those annoying and unnecessary toolbars.

IObit Uninstaller, portable tool from IObit helps to remove unwanted programs and unnecessary toolbars from your Computer. The unique feature of this app automatically detects and shows all toolbars installed in your System.

remove toolbars with IObit Uninstaller

Multi-toolbar remover allows to remove various toolbars such Yahoo Toolbar, Ask Toolbar, AOL Toolbar and others. Multi-toolbar remover is portable tool.

Multi Toolbar Remover

Ask Toolbar Remover is specially designed to remove Ask Toolbar from your Computer.

Ask Toolbar Remover

T-Tools Antiseptic is yet another portable tool automatically detects and shows installed toolbars in your Computer, so that you can remove them by selecting.

T-Tools Antiseptic is toolar remover

We’ve tested some other toolbar removers and found not very effective, so not covered them in this post. These toolbars removal tools will be helpful to you if you are unable to remove these toolbars from add or remove programs.

P.S : Why I have written this post is, I have installed new version of  Foxit Reader and found Foxit Toolbar and Ask toolbar installed secretly. While removing them, I written this post of thought might be useful to you.