We’ve already covered why Twitter is limited to 140 characters only, if you want to post more than 140 characters in Twitter, services like TwitLonger and Twitshort let you bypass the limit by breaking long tweet into a shorter message and a hyperlink. But twitter users need to launch external web browser to read full tweets posted from these services. Tall Tweets app can solve this problem .

Tall Tweets , twitter app

Tall Tweets splits a tweet with more than 140 characters into several smaller parts of 140 characters or less and publishes them to your twitter account.

These tweets sent from this app in reverse arrangement are numbered and can be read from top- to- down inside any twitter client including web twitter.

To use Tall Tweets you need to sign into Twitter with from app website. This app uses Oauth to connect to your twitter account so you don’t need to worry about sharing your twitter account credentials. You need to allow this app to connect your account.

Tall Tweets posted long tweet into small tweets to twitter account

After allowing the app to connect to your twitter account, all you need to do is compose a tweet and hit publish, hyperlinks in your tweets will be shortened by bit.ly.

This Tall Tweets app was created by Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration.