Firefox is famous as resource hog, not anymore Firefox 4 Beta 7 with Jaeger monkey JavaScript Engine is much improved in speed and renders pages quickly. But users never satisfied with Firefox speed, here is simple about:Config  hack which speeds up Firefox 4 .

Too many tabs opened may make Firefox to run slower or it does take time to reload all your tabs at next restart. With BarTab add-on you can only make desired page to load in the background and all other tabs will kept on BarTab.

You don’t even need to install this add-on,  you can enable BarTab functionality with a simple about:config hack in Firefox 4 which boosts Firefox 4 speed as mentioned by Download blog.

1.Open Firefox 4.

2.Type about:config and press enter  to continue .

3. Type browser.sessionstore.max_concurrent_tabs in Filter .

4. Double click it and enter its value as 0.