a new online service allows to snip highlighted text on a page and share with users on twitter, Facebook or in an email. All you need to do visit enter URL of the page you want to Snip, highlight the text on the page and click Snip button and share shortened Snip URL with your friends.

If you found interesting page on a news website, or on a tech blog you shared that article link with your friends.  Spare a thought on behalf of the user going to read that article, is that article worth to spend his time to read it. Or it will be much better you can share best fraction of article  with your friends. evolved on that concept.

Visit, paste the URL in the box and click Next, pops up a box at upper right corner of the page. Highlight the text on the page and click Snip button . creates shortened URL for the Snip.

Copy the Snip URL and share it on twitter and Facebook users.If user opens the Snip URL in his browser cached copy of source page loads in the background. By closing the Snip box or clicking on the cache page will show original content.

While Snipping the page user can add his comment and send snip URL to twitter and is for individual articles only.  is still in alpha, bookmarklet and  Chrome extension are available.