If you used to work more on your Computer, a minute or two seconds break will keep you refocus on your work, and at the same time how it would be viewing your family photos collages on screensaver that may throw away your depression and you’ll be filled with joy and happiness after watching them, Cozi Collage Screensaver automatically creates photo collages from your photos in My Pictures folder and shows them as screensaver.

Cozi Collage Screensaver

Download and install Cozi Collage Screensaver, you don’t need to configure anything.  For the first time click “Run the Screen Saver now”,  then all the images in My Pictures folder are shown as beautiful collages on the screensaver.

Cozi Collage Screensaver UI

By default new photos will  be shown for every 10 seconds while Cozi collage Screensaver is on, you can turn Cozi Collage Screensaver on/off from its settings.

Cozi Collage Screensaver is freeware, supports Windows XP/Vista/7.