SearchMark extension for Google  Chrome

Are you finding it difficult to find a page you visited in the past or if you’re unable to find a particular bookmark in Google Chrome, then you need SearchMark Chrome extension which indexes all your bookmarks and browsing history and then allows to search through browsing history and bookmarks and shows results quickly if found.

After installing the SearchMark extension,it automatically starts indexing your browsing history and bookmarks, indexing progress will be shown in the new tab. Allow it to complete indexing process,takes a minute or two.

After that you can start searching , by clicking SearchMark icon on toolbar and enter the search term. SearchMark will shows the matched results if found.

SearchMark allows to search through Google Chrome bookmarks and browsing history

SearchMark uses local SQLLite database that comes with Google Chrome to index bookmarks and browsing history. Your private browsing history and  bookmarks will not be shared with any website. This extension doesn’t index pages in incognito mode, as by default Google Chrome won’t allows any extension to run in incognito mode to access your data.