When your system is infected with viruses the main windows tools or features gets affected are Task Manager, Registry Editor, Folder Options. Even though antivirus installed in your Computer may remove viruses but it can not re-enable disabled Windows features as said above. Quick Disaster Recovery helps to re-enable these crucial windows features after virus attacks.

Quick Disaster Recovery

We already covered various fixes on how to enable Registry Editor, Task Manager, folder options

Quick Disaster Recovery is small portable tool that automatically detects disabled windows features in your Computer and shows them in its UI. If all windows features appears grayed out means these features are not disabled.

If all windows features appear clearly in program UI then you can easily enable those features. This app also allows to delete temporary internet files and offers Task Manager replacement as an option.

Quick Disaster Recovery helps to enable Task Manager, Registry Editor, Command prompt, Windows search feature,  Run Command box, folder options, shows hidden files, fixes logon–logoff loop.

Quick Disaster Recovery is freeware and portable, you don’t need to install this tool in your Computer.

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