Opera released new build for Opera 11 alpha.This build added auto-update for Opera extensions and Unite applications as well.They tweaked Opera installer for Windows by removing Unite application, that makes Opera installer much more smaller in size (close to 7 MB). Opera installs faster with in blink of an eye.

From this build onwards Opera Unite won’t be shipped with Opera installer instead user needs to download Unite application when launched Opera for the first time.Auto-update for Opera extensions still not fully functional.

Opera Extensions developers don’t need to pack and install their extensions to test .They can simply drag and drop config.xml  onto the browser for a quick preview.

Opera blog mentions “  We are working hard on making our new extensions feature better , more functional and more stable. This build is result of more than a week of our work on extensions, and also contain  a small unite surprise , fixes for the new windows installer  and nice set of  nix bug fixes”.

Download Opera 11 build  for