Haven’t you downloaded Opera 11 Beta yet download now,  we’ve covered all the new features added in Opera 11 Alpha, there are two new features added to Opera 11 BetaStack tabs and Pin tabs .

Stack Tabs in Opera

You can stack tabs in Opera, just drag one tab on top of another tab,  these two tabs are grouped  which Opera calls it as a Tab Stack.  Opera tries to add something like to Panorama. You can open, close stack with arrow button on last page of the group.

stack tabs in Opera 11

You can unstack all pages by right click on the arrow>Tab Stack>Unstack all pages.

Similarly you can close the stack also by arrow>Tab Stack>Close Stack.

Pinning tabs in Opera

Pinning Tabs in Opera is may not exciting new feature as Firefox 4 dubbed Chrome’s Pinning Tabs as App Tabs,  you can pin a tab in Opera by right clicking on the tab and select “Pin Tab”.

Pinned tabs , and Pin Tab in Opera

You can unpin that tab by right clicking on the tab and uncheck “Pin Tab”. You can Pin a tab, but you can’t pin a tab in stack or stack of Tabs.