New Snapshot of Opera 11 allows to sneak peak at two exclusive features in upcoming Beta. This snapshot includes major changes a new address field, extensions options updated, visual mouse gestures, and updates to mail panel.

Safer address field : Look what Opera did, they followed Chrome, and hided HTTP and HTTPS before URL in address bar.

Opera's new safer address field

Opera says “he new address filed is intended as help for the vast majority of the users who think they are  and others who don’t automatically parse URL strings without conscious effort.”

Opera new address filed features

  All web pages gets a badge to the left of the address field. The badge replaces protocols like HTTP, HTTPS and opera:, which are shown only when focusing on the address field.

Clicking on the badge provides a easy overview of the potentially more complex security state of the current web page.

Parameters at the end of web addresses are visually hidden when the address field is not focused. (You can disable this with opera:config#UserPrefs|HideURLParameter if you still want to see the whole address all the time.)

And lastly, there is a badge for browsing with Opera Turbo on. Clicking on this gives, for example, information about estimated data savings for the Opera Turbo session.

Visual Mouse Gestures

As Opera supports mouse gestures, now even better visual mouse gestures, to use visual guide to mouse gestures simply press right mouse button and wait for a while.

Opera visual mouse gestures

Updates to extensions

Opera extensions are disabled by default in private browsing mode. Opera extensions now  allowed to run on secure (HTTPS ) connections and in private mode.  As we all know Chrome allows to run extensions under incognito mode.

Opera exensions can run on secure connection or in private browsing mode

Each installed Opera extension has privacy and preferences options.You can allow any extension to run on in either “ in private mode” or “on secure connections” or you can enable both options under “Privacy ” option of extension from Opera extensions manager.

Try Opera new snapshot