We’ve covered PSD viewer which allows to view Photoshop images without need of Adobe Photoshop, if you are in DTP or Printing media or web/graphic designer you can’t live or work without Adobe Photoshop. Open with Photoshop is nice Firefox add-on and companion for web and graphic designers allows to open any web image in browser in Adobe Photoshop via a single  and quick mouse click.

After installing the extension if you open any image in Firefox, you’ll have “Open with Photoshop” as  option on the right click menu.

Open with Photoshop Firefox add-on

When you click “Open with Photoshop”  if Photoshop already opened at that time then this image will be added in the new Photoshop window. If Adobe Photoshop not opened at that time , then Open with Photoshop extension opens Photoshop and places the image inside the Photoshop.

Open with Photoshop Firefox add-on              [Thanks to Smashing Magazine]