We’ve already covered Square Privacy Cleaner and NoVirusThanks Anti-Rootkit (paid app) , here is yet another free app, NoVirusThanks Malware Remover specially designed   detects and removes malware, Trojans, worms and other malicious threats that can damage your Computer.

Similar to popular Malwarebytes’ anti-malware this app allows to remove rogue antiviruses and other rogue security software. This app doesn’t offer real-time protection.You manually need to perform scan with NoVirusThanks Malware Remover for viruses, Trojans, spyware and other malware in your Computer.

NoVirusThanks Malware Remover

You can update NoVirusThanks Malware Remover database and application to latest version from update tab.You can configure NoVirusThanks Malware Remover settings to automatically Reduce memory usage, work in background and auto update database before scan.

Any  security app performs much better and detects threats with latest database and app version.If you’re using or used Malwarebytes’ anti-malware then you’ll  find this app easy to use with simple user interface .

NoVirusThanks Malware Remover is freeware, portable version also available.