We’ve said enough about the lack of status bar in Firefox 4,  if you don’t know status bar has been removed in Firefox 4,  most of its functionality moved to URL bar and we’ve covered how to get it through Status-4-Evar add-onLink Target Display Firefox add-on displays link targets in a tooltip at the bottom of window much similar to Google Chrome’s status bar.

Main use of status bar (apart from to show page load actions) is to  displays link target at the bottom when you hover mouse pointer over a link,  in Firefox 4 link destination will be shown in URL bar .

Link Target Display displays link targets at the bottom in a tooltip

Link Target Display will show link targets at the bottom in a tooltip much similar to Chrome’s status bar. With Link Target Display when compared to Status-4-Evar you don’t need to enable Add-on Bar.

Link Target Display works with Firefox 3.5 – 4.0 b8pre.