Recently lot of users might have seen  full page previews for search results , if you don’t in next couple of days  you’ll. After testing search results previews Google now announced the feature as Instant Previews and this feature is rolling out now and will be available in the next two days over 40 languages.

Search results will be  shown with  magnifying glass icon, when users once clicks on magnifying glass for any search result visual overview of page will appear on the right.User can hover the cursor to see preview of other search results as well .Or you can also use down arrow to browsing and right arrow key to see the preview.

Instant Previews for Google Search Results

Instant Previews for Google Search Results (video )

With Instant Previews

  • You can quickly compare search results , and you can also flip through results like a book and you can decide which page looks from previews.
  • You can easily find out relevant content on the page with search terms highlighted on the page preview
  • You can easily layout of the page webpage before clicking search result.