HTTPS Everywhere

We’ve covered BlackSheepUse HTTPSForce-TLS add-ons protects users from Firesheep, EFF has released new version of HTTPS Everywhere add-on that now protects Firefox users from Firesheep on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Hotmail that fails to use HTTPS properly.

“These new enhancements make HTTPS Everywhere much more effective in thwarting an attack from Firesheep or a similar tool” Said EFF Senior Staff Technologist Peter Eckersley  “It’ll go a long way towards protecting your Facebook, Twitter, or Hotmail accounts from Firesheep hacks.  And like previous releases, it shields your Google searches from eavesdroppers and safeguards your payments through PayPal “.

HTTPS Everywhere now offers protection for, Cisco, Dropbox,  Evernote and GitHub.

Download New version of HTTPS Everywhere .