It may be not right to say Google Chrome as PDF Reader instead of PDF Viewer, most of users know PDF Reader than PDF Viewer. If you don’t know Google Chrome now allows to view PDF files without installing any PDF Reader in your Computer through built-in PDF Viewer. Soon Google Chrome 8 stable version will be released with Chrome PDF viewer enabled by default.

Till now Google allows to views PDF files in the search results through Google docs viewer as Gmail also uses same Google Docs viewer to view PDF files received as attachments. What now! Google Chrome gets PDF viewer. So there is always interlink between Google, Gmail and Google Chrome through PDF Viewer.

Chrome PDF Viewer

Coming to the point for now as I far as I know, no browser allows to view PDF files inline in browser without any install of PDF Reader in user’s Computer. And Google Chrome is the first and only browser now allows to view PDF files without need for install of PDF Reader in Computers.

You may  have went to lot of Cybercafés, PDF Readers won’t be installed in most of these systems with old browsers like IE6 and Firefox 2 installed. Ditch theses browsers and soon you will install Google Chrome with  sandboxing technology with built-in PDF Viewer.

With Google Chrome’s  built-in PDF Viewer, you can easily open and view PDF files by just dragging and dropping them to address bar even offline. Suppose you got CD with lot of PDF manuals on an offline/online Computer, without any PDF Reader installed, Google Chrome will serve your purpose to quickly view PDF files.

You can even make Google Chrome as default application to open and view PDF files in Windows. Well, there’ll be always buzz about vulnerabilities in PDF Readers when considered Adobe Reader as an example. PDF files will run under sandboxed layer in Google Chrome, no way bad scripts in PDF files going to harm user.So you are secured.

I don’t recommending you to use Google Chrome as PDF Reader instead it’ll serve your purpose. You can use free PDF Readers like Foxit Reader and Nitro PDF Reader. Thinking about using Adobe Reader you may in future with Protected Mode.