Protected Mode in Adobe Reader X is enabled by default and malicious PDF documents can’t launch arbitrary executable files or write to system directories or the Windows registry inside sandboxed layer. Let us take a look at how to disable Adobe Reader X’ s Protected mode.

Adobe Reader to add “Protected mode” with Sandbox Technology to Prevent attacks

Disabling Protected Mode in Adobe Reader X

1. Open Adobe Reader X.

2. From Edit menu select Preferences.

3. Once Preferences dialog window opens, select ‘General’ category on the list, uncheck or remove tick mark for “Enable protected mode at startup”

Adobe Reader’s Protected Mode will be turned off.

disable protected mode in Adobe Reader X

UPDATE May 21, 2015: Adobe Reader X has got a new name, it’s Adobe Reader DC. After installing latest version,

Select Preferences (Ctrl +K Shortcut) from Edit Menu, select ‘Security (Enhanced)’ in Categories, uncheck ‘Enable Protected Mode at Startup ‘ and close that dialog.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC preferences

Caution: Adobe should have added this sort of sandboxed protection to Adobe Reader much before, better later than never. Users should never disable this feature, which protects from malicious PDF files executing malicious JavaScript code on user’s Computer.

We’ve covered this article to let you know that, this feature is enabled by default and there is a way to disable the Protected mode.