Bing partnered with Facebook to bring more personalized results for Facebook users. Bing is currently rolling out Facebook profile search and  liked results features in Bing as part of the deal as announced in their blog.  With these two features Bing helps you to discover what your Facebook friends “ liked” and shared on the web. Let us see how to turn off Facebook Profile Search and Liked Results features in Bing for your Facebook account.

Turning off or disabling Facebook Profile Search and Liked Results in Bing

Facebook Profile Search :  You can able to find your old friends or discover new one through Facebook Profile Search on Bing . Bing finds the people closest to you based on your social connections on Facebook.

Facebook profile search on Bing

Liked Results :  When searching on Bing, Bing includes results based on things your Facebook friends have “liked”  and shared on the web.

liked results

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Whenever you signed into your Facebook account and perform search in Bing for first five times,  a note appears at the top right of search results saying “ Bing just got better with your Facebook friends “.  Click “disable “ link will disable all the features.

Facebook profile in Bing

You can permanently turn off or disable these features by clicking this link by blocking Bing in Facebook.

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