Google Instant Previews is now available to everyone and lot of users seems don’t like Instant Previews feature as an accidental click can trigger image snapshots. And this is very annoying. We’ve covered how to enable and disable Google Instant Previews which is simple, you just don’t have to click the magnifying glass. My friend Arpit came up with  Hide Google Instant Preview button script which completely hides Google Instant previews in Google Chrome and with the use of Greasemonkey in Firefox.

You can install this script easily in Google Chrome, however you need to have Greasemonkey add-on installed for Firefox to install this script.

hide Google Instant previews permanently

I tested this script, its working fine and this script hides magnifying glass button on Google search results. So no more Google Instant Previews at least for Chrome and Firefox.

Hide Google Instant Preview button