Lot of users started noticing in Firefox 4 Beta 7  that there is no status bar, for your kind information there’ll be no status bar in Firefox 4 final version also. Hang on, after getting questions from readers I decided to write brief post on why Mozilla was decided to remove the status bar in Firefox 4 and how to get status bar back in Firefox 4 .

Reason for ditching status bar in Firefox 4

Mozilla wants Firefox 4 UI to be less cluttered with controls similar to Google Chrome and they thought status bar is not necessary. Mozilla moved much needed status bar functionality to top in Firefox and removed some unnecessary status bar features.

Firefox 4 with no status bar , hovered link shown in address bar

As usual you look at bottom for status bar when you hover mouse cursor on a link to see where URL goes, now up  your head this URL destination will appear in address bar.

Read in detail Status Bar functionality is moved to top in Firefox 4 & Add-on Bar is for Placement of Add-ons Icons

To get status bar back in Firefox 4 you can use Status-4-Evar extension.

Read in detail Bring back Status bar functionality to Add-on Bar in Firefox 4 with Status-4-Evar Extension

status bar in Firefox 4 after installing status-4-Evar extension

You’ll find this extension as must have for Firefox 4. Remember you need to enable add-on bar for Status-4-Evar to show status bar features .