Opera support mouse gestures, Opera 11 beta even better offers UI for these mouse gestures aka Visual mouse gestures, highlights mouse paths and helps guide the discovery when user presses the right mouse button and waits for a while.

Opera visual mouse gestures

Visual Mouse Gestures are enabled by default in Opera, if you hold up right mouse button for some time, UI for mouse gestures appears, sometimes a user don’t want this to happen,  If you don’t want visual mouse gestures, here is how to disable Visual mouse gestures.

Disabling Visual Mouse Gestures in Opera

1.Open Opera browser.

2. Paste   opera:config#UserPrefs|ShowGestureUI  in address bar and press enter.

3. Uncheck or remove tick mark for highlighted “Show Gesture UI” and scroll down and click “Save” button .

       disable visual mouse gestures in Opera

4.Restart Opera browser for changes to take effect.