We already covered about Twitstant which shows search results of twitter as you type, but we mentioned that these search results produced from Twistant service may not be same as official twitter search results, how about getting twitter search results as you start typing from Chrome’s Address bar aka Omnibox, excited here is how.

instant search results for twitter

You need to be using latest Canary build or developer version of Google Chrome.

First we need to add twitter search as search engine, for that

  • Right click on Chrome’s Omnibox, click Edit Search engines,
  • In Search Engines Dialog window, click Add enter Name as Twitter Search, type Keyword as search.twitter.com,  type  http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%s for URL and Click Ok.

Twitter search engine in Google Chrome

  • Now “twitter search” search engine for Chrome is ready.

1.Now type about:flags in Chrome’s address bar and press enter, Google renamed about:labs to about:flags.

2.Enable “Verbatim instant” labs feature, Google Instant has been renamed to Verbatim Instant for Flags.

3.Restart the browser.

4. Now right click on address bar and click Edit Search Engines and Make Twitter search as default search engine .

5. Now start typing in Chrome’s address bar search results in twitter starts appearing as you type.