Sometime back we’ve covered Microsoft Live Labs experimental service,, yet another experimental service from Microsoft is Fuse Labs’ Montage, allows to create and share visual album of the web on your desired topics. Topic may related to Technology, Politics, News, Music, or whatever. You can create a montage on a particular topic Montages pulls content from web like headlines, news, tweets, YouTube videos, RSS feeds based on Bing Searches.  A Montage will be created which you can share on Twitter or on Facebook.

A created montage can be static or dynamic as it continues to pull information from web based on the searches and feed its pulling from. Users can lock a Montage in time by pinning news, stories, photos,videos.

Fuse Labs' Montage

Microsoft is testing Montage internally till now with some staff, they used this service to create slideshows, pages of content similar to websites.Fusion Labs Montage going to be officially launched today at web 2.0 summit.

Though at present you can’t create montages, but still you can explore some of montages created available from public gallery.

Fuse Labs’ Montage

Update : Fuse Labs Montage now available to all.