Though Google FeedBurner now allows to post your published blog articles to twitter through their Socialize service, prior to FeebBurner’s socialize service launch, lot of users used popular twitterfeed to post their blog posts to twitter via RSS feed.

Problem comes here with twitterfeed is, this service is  unreliable, has always problems with its servers, your tweets will be delayed I myself manually posted tweets sometimes which is irritating. You can easily cancel or delete your RSS feed from twitterfeed but what if you forgot your twitterfeed logon details or if you logged through open ID account when you created  that feed, which now gives error when you try to sign in through open ID in twitterfeed. What do you do?.Here is how you can stop twitterfeed from posting blog feed to twitter.

This is just simple, you are allowed twitterfeed to perform read and write operations on behalf of your twitter account.You allowed that app first, when you created the feed. Now just revoke access to twitterfeed will do the job for you.

1.Login to twitter with username and password.

2.Click Connections,revoke access by clicking  “Revoke access” link below twitterfeed app description.

3.That’s it ,you can go and set up your FeedBurner to post updates automatically on twitter if you want.

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