Finally after long wait Firefox 4 Beta 7 has been released by Mozilla and available for download, you need to wait till January 2011 to taste Firefox 4 Final version. Actually Firefox 4 Beta 7  should have been released in second half of  September but delayed due to technical issues that caused the rebuild.

Firefox 4 beta 7  is the feature freeze build means no new features will be added to Firefox 4 builds after this Beta. This Beta may almost Firefox 4 final .

Firefox 4 Beta 7

Notable changes in Firefox 4 Beta 7 will be

New JavaScript Engine JaegerMonkey, GPU acceleration  support with Panorama feature and Bing will be available as search engine option, Google will remain as default search engine and Creative Commons and will not available as search options.

Btw keyboard shortcut for panorama is  changed new one is Ctrl +E for Windows and Cmd +E for Mac and Linux. Panorama offers to search for tabs in groups and highlights them if found for your search query. Panorama also offer “undo for close of  a group” and some under hood improvements in Panorama.

Add-ons Manager UI in Firefox 4 offers more options to control extensions.Firefox 4 will support restartless add-ons you can try here if you want.

There will be  no Status bar, we covered how to get that Status bar functionality in Firefox 4.

Currently Firefox 4 Beta 7 is being distributed to mirrors, once distribution is complete it’ll be available as download and official announcement from Mozilla will also be available .

Download Firefox 4 beta 7