Sometimes, we won’t clearly observe the simple things those are even in front of us, such is the case with windows 7 themes wallpapers, do you know “ location, where the picture of your current theme’s wallpaper was taken“ or “what is title of image “and other details about the wallpaper such as “who was the photographer” and ‘what are its dimensions?”. Here with a simple trick, you can able to find these details for wallpaper of your current theme.

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Finding Windows 7 Theme ‘s wallpapers location and other details

1.Right click on the desktop, click Personalize,

2. Make sure you installed the theme, for which you want to know more information about.

3. After installing the theme, select that theme and click ‘Desktop Background “

windows 7 theme wallpaper location information

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4. Hover the mouse pointer over the image to see a tooltip having summary information about the image, last line summary shows the title and location information.