With the buzz all about Firesheep, every Hotmail account user would love to have Full session SSL for Hotmail, as Microsoft announced earlier that full Session of SSL will be rolled out to new hotmail. The feature is currently available, not sure it is fully rolled out, but you can check  and if available enable Use HTTPS automatically option for hotmail and get secured even on public computers and on Wi-Fi networks from now on.

Recently Livesite first spotted that temporary using of encrypted hotmail by adding https in front of hotmail address.

Use HTTPS always for Hotmail

To Enable always use HTTPS option for Hotmail account

1. Sign into hotmail account.

2. Now visit https://account.live.com/ManageSSL in your browser, and select Use HTTPS automatically option.

3.Click Save button to save changes.

4.Windows live will show a message in Account Overview that “your account will now use HTTPS automatically”.

HTTPS for Hotmail

Note:After enabling HTTPS for Hotmail account you may not able to access Hotmail through programs like Outlook hotmail connector, Windows Live mail, the Windows Live Application for Windows Mobile and Nokia.

If you need temporary HTTPS connection for Hotmail, you can use https://hotmail.com  instead of http://hotmail.com .