IObit Password Folder is a free application designed to password-protect files and folders from being visible, read or write access by just dragging & dropping onto IObit Password Folder’s  user interface. If you are concerned about your privacy, IObit Password Folder is the  safety box that prevents from data theft, data loss or data leak.

IObit Password Folder

Using IObit Password Folder

To hide or protect your files and folders just drag and drop them into IObit Password Folder UI where no one can see, read or modify them.  After installing this app, you need to create a password to lock the files. You need to enter that password again whenever you need to unlock, hide, read, modify the file.

IObit Password Folder allows to password protect files and folders

IObit Password Folder features

1.Hide from view : Hide folders, files, pictures and videos.

2.Block Access :  Easily block access to files and folders you choose with a password with options to deny read, write or visible actions for files .

3.Write protection : No one can modify files without your permission, thus your files will be safe.

4.  Privacy Protection :  As anyone including you requires password to access your private data such files, pictures and videos, your privacy is protected.

5. No more data theft, data loss, data leaks.

IObit Password Folder is freeware and still in Beta.

Download IObit Password Folder.