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We’re continuing to post about offline installer for Google Chrome browser whenever the major stable version has been released by Google. The advantage of Chrome Offline/standalone installer is that, the user can able to install a browser on multiple computers offline without the need of network connectivity. Do you know there is one big disadvantage with this?

Disadvantage of Google Chrome offline installer

Though Chrome standard installer installs Google browser to your Computer by downloading necessary files from Google servers, Google Chrome installed through online mode will be updated automatically.

When you install Chrome  from regular install page Google Update will be installed first, then “Google Update” automatically installs the browser. After Chrome install, Google Update periodically checks for updates and downloads and installs updates for browser automatically.

Where as Google Chrome installed through its offline installer will not install Google Update first, hence Chrome may not update to new version when new version is released. This way you are missing security updates that may put you at risk and Chrome is then always vulnerable for threats.

Also remember, Chrome also auto-updates flash player whenever security updates are released.

Here is the official offline installer link for Google Chrome provided by Google.

Google employee confirms that “ Be aware that version of Google Chrome available from the link may not auto-update for future browser releases, meaning you could miss important security fixes and feature improvements. Make sure to check back often to download newer releases.”