An alternative to Facebook launched called Diaspora claims to offer the users more control over what they share,  with criticism over Facebook’s privacy issues, everyone interested to know and access how Diaspora is different from Facebook.

Diaspora Invite

Diaspora with unique feature called ‘ aspects’ allows to  sort your connections into groups.  With aspects you can choose people to share your photos, stories and jokes.  You’ve full control on your share distribution,  you’re owner of your content.    Your privacy is protected in Diaspora you don’t have to configure settings and options to keep your profile secure much like in Facebook.

Diaspora Private alpha invite

FYI yesterday Diaspora started sending out private alpha invites, want one!  here is how to grab it.

Head over to Diaspora and sign up for Diaspora invite.


You can request Diaspora invite from your friends or known persons who got Diaspora invite.