favorite commands shown by Chrome Toolbox in drop down menu

Google added Chrome Toolbox extension to Google Chrome extensions gallery which I can say is best extension provided by Google so far. Chrome Toolbox allows to add  your favorite shortcuts in one drop down menu, saves unsubmitted form data, magnify images, view videos in standalone windows and define shortcut to open all links in any bookmarks folder.

You won’t know how productive this extension until you install and access hidden features in Google Chrome.

Chrome Toolbox options

Hidden features and functionality you unheard off for Google Chrome brings by Chrome Toolbox

1.When you hover mouse pointer over an image , floating toolbar will be displayed with magnifier , view original image and set wallpaper options.

2.When you hover mouse pointer on video, floating toolbar appears upon clicking shows video in standalone window.

3.Closing new tab creates a new tab instead of closing browser window.

4.You can define a shortcut to open all links in Chrome bookmarks folder at once.

5.Chrome Toolbox by default shows shortcuts for  Toggle Show Bookmarks bar ( ctrl +Shift +B), reopen closed tab (Ctrl +Shift +T), Mute all tabs (Alt +W) in drop down menu. You can add more from “Shortcuts & Menu” tab in Chrome Toolbox options.

6. You can “save form data” (F10)  in the drop down menu to save unsubmitted form data to avoid data loss caused by session expiration  or no-cache page setting.

All these features are pre-checked or enabled by default in Chrome Toolbox options.You can configure Chrome Toolbox options to get most out of it.

Chrome Toolbox will not only boost your productivity  while using Chrome, but also help you learn lot of browser functionalities and shortcuts that are mostly hidden.

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