BulletsPassView is a free password recovery tool scans and shows passwords stored behind the bullets in password text-boxes of Windows Operating System and Internet Explorer.   After BulletsPassView shows password,  you can easily copy and save them to text/HTML/CSV/XML file.

How BulletsPassView works

Once you run BulletsPassView, this app scans to find password text-boxes opened on the screen. If app finds password, it will be showed on the main window of BulletsPassView.  To make another scan, you can refresh application using F5 or enable “Auto Refresh” setting in app.


BulletsPassView features

  • Doesn’t reveal the passwords inside the password text-box itself.  The password is only displayed on main window of BulletsPassView, while password text-box continues to display bullets.
  • Reveals passwords stored in the password text-box of Internet Explorer.
  • Unicode application, insures that passwords with non-English characters will be extracted properly.
  • Works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.
  • Freeware and portable, no installation required.

BulletsPassView works with standard password text-boxes of Windows and IE only, not works with other browsers and other apps.

Download BulletsPassView (32bit)

Download BulletsPassView (64-bit)