As all know Giveawayoftheday site gives fully functional and licensed software to users for free download for 24 hours. They do show detailed review of the product on their site. Now Popular software downloads site, BorhterSoft steps-in and launched BrotherGiveAway similar to Giveaway of the Day.


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This is what about page of BrotherGiveAway says about their site “BrotherSoft Giveaway of the Day, the branch of .Everyday we offer one shareware for you which is absolutely practical safe and useful.”

Brothersoft provide you absolutely free sharewares. All the shareware here at Brothersoft Giveaway of the Day is offered as fully functional version for users to download for 24 hours. In other words, the shareware here, is not a trial, not a limited version – but a registered and legal version of the software will be free for our visitors. The download links on this site will be kept effective within a certain period. Meanwhile, shareware reviews and the information about other products from the publisher presenting the giveaway title, on the product line, will stay active even after the Giveaway period We will pay the software publisher for the Giveaway license to offer our visitors legal and free downloading service for a special verification program and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, thus protecting software publishers’ interests and making our initiative beneficial for both clients and publishing companies. To satisfy the customer need, different select shareware will be kept on releasing everyday. We not only make faultless solution possible, but also advocate protecting software vendors’ interests, making our initiative beneficial for both clients and vendors.