The buzz about Firesheep continues which allows to hijack twitter and Facebook accounts via  open Wi-Fi networks by stealing cookie information which contains login info. We covered that by using Force-TLS Firefox add-on and Use HTTPS Chrome extension to get protected from this. BlackSheep extension for Firefox has been released by ZScaler cloud Security which detects Firesheep if someone is using it on wireless network.

BlackSheep Add-on developed based on source code of Firesheep.Firesheep works by listening to HTTP traffic on  port 80 and when it identifies a transaction to known site such Facebook ,Twitter ,Google and Yahoo etc it looks for specific cookie values which are used to identify the specific users. BlackSheep generates fake traffic for Firesheep for every 5 minutes.

BlackSheep detected use of FireSheep

BlackSheep alerts if any user on network using Firesheep so you can logout from the account as immediate safety measure.

To install Blacksheep apart from you need to using Firefox 3.5 or higher, you should first install Winpcap  in your Computer otherwise you’ll get error.