AVG Security toolbar which comes bundled with AVG security and antivirus products monitors for dangerous websites along with AVG LinkScanner,  it will alert user before browser loads malicious page, this is useful security feature. But AVG Security Toolbar also asks users to change their default search provider to Yahoo, which is annoying that’s why lot of users don’t install this toolbar. Few months back AVG added Facebook and Skype features to their toolbar, now they got a deal with Google that from now on AVG will use Google Search technology as integral search service for AVG’s anti-virus and security products.

AVG Security Toolbar now with Google Search

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AVG says Google has 66% market share in search engines, hence its good news for AVG users as it will broaden toolbar’s reach and appeal to those who prefer to use Google as their search engine at the same time will make their searching safer.

AVG CEO JR Smith says “ AVG is committed to providing our users with intuitive technology that allows them to proactively prevent computer infections while they search the web”.

This agreement comes active from Nov 14th mid night, so if you install AVG security toolbar with AVG security product now Google Search will be included in AVG Security toolbar. I do think this is a good move, which could have been done earlier.