Multiple apps installer, Allmyapps which allows to install list of apps with a single click going to unveil first application store for windows on Dec 8th at LeWeb’10 conference. Allmyapps evolved as a simple web service one year ago with catalog of popular free apps to simplify the PC setup.

Allmyapps windows applications store desktop application

Allmyapps blog says Allmyapps makes it easy for the 1.2 billion Microsoft Windows users to discover, install, uninstall and update applications right from the comfort of their desktop. Currently Allmyapps allows interesting users to access new version of Allmyapps through sign-up.

If you get the early access to Allmyapps, you’ll get email with download link for Allmyapps desktop app. Install the app and sign-in with Allmyapps account, create one if you don’t have. And access the upcoming Allmyapps Windows Applications store. Since  Allmyapps 3”5 project in alpha release you’ll be able to access small catalog of apps at present. More apps will be added daily.