Adobe enters into the cloud, they started two new cloud based services Adobe SendNow and Adobe CreatePDF. Adobe SendNow allows to send and receive large files. You can also receive downloaded files and you can track and decide how long they need to be kept for download (paid subscription), by default 7 days is the maximum limit.

Adobe SendNow

You need to Create free adobe account to use these services.

With Free Adobe SendNow account

  • Send a single file up to 100 Mb,
  • Your file can be downloaded 100 times
  • Sent file is available for download for 7 days.

Where as with premium subscription, you can able to send multiple files to more recipients and your files can be downloaded more times, you can decide how long the file to be available for download.

Adobe SendNow features

  • Send, receive, download and track files. File size maximum limit allowed  is 2 GB for paid subscribers and 100 MB per file for free users.
  • You can track sent files information from the Adobe SendNow account’s dashboard.
  • When recipient downloads your file, confirmation email will be sent to you.
  • Restrict access to file for whom to access.
  • SendNow verifies files you send and download by automatically scanning for viruses.
  • Does not support exe, media files, rar files suitable to send and receive large file size documents between you and your colleagues.

Check Adobe SendNow pricing details.

Adobe SendNow