Microsoft has recently released Windows Live Essentials 2011Window Live Writer, the blogging tool many bloggers depended on got lots of new features, one of them is auto-save, i.e live writer automatically saves draft for every 15 seconds, which will be helpful in situations with sudden restarts, power failures and Live Writer crashes. So unexpected shutdown of Live Writer will cause  it to show you “Recover unsaved changes” dialog on next startup.

Recover unsaved changes

You can able to recover the changes by clicking “Recover changes now (recommended)”, or you can discard changes permanently. But you should never click “Ask me later” because it continuously shows the same dialog box on next time restart.

If you don’t want Live Writer to autorecover information periodically

1. Click Live Writer menu, click options

2 .Select preferences on the left tab and on the right pane under ‘General options’ uncheck for “save autorecover information periodically”.

disable save autorecover information peroidically

3. Click ‘OK’ to apply the changes.