Yesterday CCleaner version 3.0 released with UI changes, 64-bit support and with addition of Drive Wiper and Intelligent Cookie Keeping features.Apart from that improved cleaning capabilities and improved support for some more apps added. Let us take a look at use of  Drive Wiper and Intelligent Cookie keeping features in CCleaner .

You can find Drive Wiper in Tools section .With Drive Wiper in CCleaner you can able to clean free space for a drive or you can wipe out entire drive.You can use one-pass overwrite method and you can use 3 levels of secure deletion .

Drive Wiper in CCleaner

These three levels of secure deletion includes Department of Defense level three-pass option, National security Administration level seven-pass cleaning and a 35-pass Gutman-level deep cleaning.The more passes of secure deletion user selects the slower the cleaning.

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CCleaner Intelligent Cookie scan

CCleaner 3.0’s intelligent cookie keeping feature allows to keep some cookies for sites like Gmail, Yahoo mail and Hotmail.Go to Options in CCleaner select the sites for you wants “Cookies to Keep” from “Cookie to Delete” pane and add them Cookies to keep pane.

intelligent cookie keeping feature     

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