Revo Uninstaller the best free uninstaller ever that allows to remove left over entries of app after built-in uninstall is completed, we sometime back covered use of its Hunter Mode also if you are wondering how to update Revo Uninstaller to newer version without uninstalling older version of it, here is how.

updating revo uninstaller to newer version

First of all make sure “check for update on startup” is enabled for Revo uninstaller under its options.

You can find this by opening Revo Uninstaller >Options>General select “Check for Update on Startup”.

Though updates for Revo Uninstaller will be released quite often, but instead of manually checking for updates by clicking “AutoUpdate” button in Revo Uninstaller let the program itself automatically check for updates on startup and notify us as shown above.

Clicking “Download” will let Revo Uninstaller to download new version and you can install it easily from then.